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Arugula and prosciutto pizza
Basil pesto w/out nuts
Beets, shredded summer salad
Bitter greens salad w/ warm vinaigrette
Black currant and bacon pizza
Borage cocktail
Broccoli rabe + fresh pea spread
Brussels sprout slaw w/ blue cheese and orange zest
Butternut squash ravioli
Butternut squash soup, w/ miso broth, black beans, cilantro garnish 
Carrot soup
Carrot top pesto
Carrot top salad
Celery, lemony creamed, w/ Brussels sprouts
Chard pie
Chard, saag-style
Chinese cabbage kimchi
Cilantro chimichurri
Cilantro chutney or sauce
Collard greens salad w/ ginger + spicy seed brittle
Collards w/ bacon + pine nuts, served w/ linguine
Corn chowder
Corn and radish salad
Corn and tomato savory pie  
Corn, hot or chilled soup 
Corn souffle
Cucumber salad
Delicata squash pudding 
Delicata squash rings
Fennel, roasted
Fennel pesto
Flour tortillas
Eggplant, burnt with garlic and lemon
Green beans w/ ginger
Green beans in yogurt sauce
Greens, creamed
Greens, creamy pasta sauce of
Herb salad
Hot pepper, "sriracha" sauce
Kale Caesar salad
Kale chips
Kale salad, massaged
Leeks, braised
Lentil soup
Mushrooms in parmesan cup 
Parsnips w/ ginger
Pea risotto w/ mint
Pea w/ potato (Aloo matar)
Pea, sugar snap salad w/ orange
Peppers, stuffed poblanos
Potatoes and greens
Pumpkin tacos
Rabe and white bean soup 
Radish refrigerator pickles
Radish, sauteed 
Roots, glazed
Roots, roasted 
Salad dressing
Salsa verde w/ tomatillos
Scapes, grilled
Scapes, pasta sauce w/ 
Spaghetti squash, roasted
Squash and greens, w/ garlic bread crumbs
Summer squash and carrot pizza
Summer squash ribbon salad
Summer squash, simple sauteed
Tatsoi cabbage w/ pasta
Tomatillo, roasted salsa
Tomatillo, salsa verde
Tomato and corn savory pie 
Tomato soup, roasted 
Turnips, glazed
Turnips, smashed
Vegetarian chili
Zucchini, stuffed