Friday, March 23, 2012

Recipe with Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprout slaw w/ blue cheese + orange zest

Ingredients: Brussels sprouts, blue cheese, orange zest, white balsamic vinegar, sour cream, olive oil, s+p

Preparing: Julienne the Brussels sprouts into a slaw. Crumble blue cheese into the slaw. Mix the dressing: white balsamic and a dab of sour cream, s+p, and orange zest (I sliced it into small strips so you actually get bits of it in every bite). Whisk in the olive oil slowly. Add dressing to the slaw and mix well.

Eating: We served it with broiled duck breast and sauteed spinach and garlic.

Dish history: This is a good alternative to the standard B. sprout, parmesan and lemon juice slaw.

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