Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sign up now for our 2015 CSA season

We invite you to become a part of the Longhaul Farm community 
by joining us for our 2015 CSA season.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? In CSA, a farm offers "shares" or memberships to the public. In return for your investment you receive a weekly box of freshly harvested produce throughout the growing season, from June to September.

What kinds of vegetables will CSA members receive? You will receive a variety of seasonal vegetables, from arugula to zucchini and everything in between. Please click here to see a list of vegetables we will grow.

When and where are pick-ups? Pick-ups are on the farm on either Tuesday or Friday afternoons (4-7pm), your choice.

Will Longhaul Farm’s CSA be different from other CSAs? We follow a similar model of CSA as most local, organic farms. The main difference between our CSA and others is that our CSA is small-scale, offering up to 30 memberships per season. That means we can provide more individual attention to you as members and collaborate on ideas for improvement.

What are your CSA membership options?
(1) Household share: Whatever is seasonal and harvestable, we share with you. The weekly box feeds 2-3 vegetarian adults or a family of 3-4 with mixed diets; includes a variety of 5-15 items. Household share price: $650.
--- Split shares are also available: You may split your share with a friend or neighbor. Or, if you’d like to split but don’t have anyone in mind yet to share with, we can do the pairing up for you. People split shares in 2 ways: (1) every-other-week pick-ups; or (2) dividing weekly pick-ups with each other. Split share price: $325.

(2) Community share membership: Receive a weekly household share of vegetables, plus anonymously subsidize a share for a family who doesn’t have the means to become a member themselves. Community share price: $1,250 ($650 for full share + $600 for the subsidized share).

******** Please reserve your share early – space is limited! | (845) 424-6277 ********

You can also purchase naturally-grown, pasture-raised meat and eggs at Longhaul Farm: 

  • Chicken: $6/lb – Reserve your chickens for $15/bird
  • Turkey: $8/lb – Reserve your holiday turkey for $50/bird
  • Pork: $375 for a quarter hog (cut list available upon request) – Reserve with a $50 down payment
  • Eggs: $5/dozen – Available year-round
We offer two payment options: (1) full-pay: pay your CSA membership fee and/or meat reservation fees by February 15, 2015 – this option gives us the most freedom as growers because we can rely on early resources throughout the season; or (2) pay in installments: pay half of your CSA membership by February 15, 2015 and the other half can be paid in installments throughout the season based on an agreement we work out together.

Contact us to become a member or learn more:
p: (845) 424-6277
a: 69 S. Mtn. Pass, Garrison 10524