Thursday, May 25, 2017

First CSA distribution next week

Hello neighbors!

We are looking forward to seeing you all for the first CSA distribution this week. We'll be on the farm between 4:00 and 7:00pm on Tuesday and Friday to greet you and give you your basket and fresh produce. 

For anyone who hasn't been in a Hudson Valley CSA before, please remember that the first few weeks of the spring season are "lean and green," meaning they'll feel lightweight because they'll be full of nutritious greens. As the season progresses, we'll get to the bulkier items like spring peas, green beans, summer squashes, tomatoes and more.

A note on storing greens: We harvest greens and herbs the morning of the CSA pick-up, wash them and store them in coolers for you. When you bring the produce home, we recommend 2 ways to best store greens so they last. (1) Be sure they are completely dry, put them in a plastic bag that is open at the top, and store in the refrigerator; or (2) Fill a cooler with an inch or so of cold water and store the greens/herbs standing upright in the water, being sure to change the water every few days. When properly stored, your greens and herbs can last for at least 2 weeks (but who wants to wait that long to eat them?). More on storing vegetables on our website, here.

Also, please consider joining our "Compost Collective." We'll provide you with a clean 5-gallon bucket to toss all of your food, coffee and yard waste into. When you pick-up your CSA baskets, you can exchange your full bucket for a clean bucket. For more information on composting, see our website here.

Finally, please note that Juune 2nd is also our all-member social gathering from 5-7pm. Children and family members are welcome. We'll have light refreshments and beverages, but please feel free to contribute a dish or drink.

Looking forward to the season.