Sunday, July 3, 2016

Recipe for pestos

Pestos (not sure this is ever written in the plural) are a good way to turn herbs and greens into raw, nutritious foods.

The basics: something green + some protein + something sweet (just a touch) + something salty + something acidic + something oily + (optional) something spicy

The preparation is as simple as can be: Whirl everything together in a food processor. Usually I first whirl the greens, proteins and garlic or chili together; then add the oil; then add the parmesan and salt and acid. Then I add more oil to get to the perfect consistency (which is not-too-runny; not-too-thick; spreadable, but not soaking through; oily, but not too oily).

Here are our favorite pesto combinations:
Fennel fronds + slivered almonds + honey + parmesan + lemon juice + olive oil + garlic clove
Garlic scape + roasted pepitas + honey + parmesan + lemon juice+ olive oil
Cilantro + cashews + honey + parmesan + lime juice + olive oil + 1 hot chili
Basil + walnuts + honey + parmesan + lemon juice + olive oil + garlic clove

We've even made arugula pesto, kale pesto and turnip green pesto. The consistency is not as pleasing as the others, but they still are delicious, and if mixed with pasta or put on a pizza, you definitely don't notice.

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