Monday, August 10, 2015

CSA basket: Week of 8/10

Evan Rio and big sister Seneca
Thanks for accommodating us last week with the schedule change... with the arrival of Evan Rio, we had to push back the harvest.

This week we're back on track and the tomatoes will continue to make you happy. Consider taking some of the saucing tomatoes to make a sauce (they are considered saucing because they have less water content so get to that saucy consistency faster than the heirlooms).

Not sure what to do with eggplant? Try this recipe for burnt eggplant, fry the eggplant and put it in a pasta sauce or on top of pizza, slice it the long way and baste it with a miso paste glaze and throw it on the grill, or make a classic ratatouille.

Expect the following this week:
Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, peppers (hot and sweet), sweet corn, green beans, lettuce, arugula, chard, parsley, basil, scallions, shallots, onions.

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