Thursday, July 21, 2011


Every aspiring self-sufficient household needs to have a lot of space for food storage. As we harvest right now, we are freezing, pickling and canning for the winter months and spring food gap.

And now, thanks to the sharp carpentry skills of our friend (also our parrilla-builder) we have built-in storage shelves in our deposito. We foraged the old stables and wood piles around the property for forgotten wood and managed to build the 9-ft long by 9-ft high, floor-to-ceiling, fully-notched shelves without any home-cheapo-bought pressure-treated 2x4s. It is gorgeous and fits with with the style of the old tack room we've chosen for our food storage space. We fixed a rotting baseboard and animal-proofed it. The saddle shelves are still there and we'll use them to hang onions, garlic and squash. The feed holder is still there and we'll use it to store potatoes, beets and celeriac. And we've added a 15-cu.ft. chest freezer to sit below the window on the open wall. The finishing touches will be to insulate the windows once the winter freezes settle in.

It may take years to get to the point where we're filling the deposito to capacity... what a satisfying time that will be.
Rotten baseboard out

New baseboard in

Building the shelves

Finished shelving

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