Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Jason at our Patagonian parrilla
After a hard day's work in unseasonably hot, humid weather, we constructed an Argentine-style parrilla for our backyard bbq's. Thanks to our friend, Dane, and his master construction skills and work-hard ethic, it was complete in just a few hours. The only things working against us last night were the mosquitoes and fading daylight.

We salvaged everything from around the property - sand to level the parrilla floor, bricks for the walls, cement from the pile of household waste to be disposed of, cinder blocks to allow air circulation. It was a true re-purposing effort.

We were so excited to grill ourselves some chorizo in the slow-cook fashion we learned down in Argentina: First you get some wood burning on one half of the pit. Put the grill on the other half, raised above the floor about six inches. Once the wood has been on for a while and there are red hot coals in the center of the pile, you knock them out and move them under the grill. Spread evenly and keep the wood pile burning to replenish with hot coals when needed. This method ensures a slow, even cook, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a maté or malbec before the meat-feast.

Mother Nature spoiled our parrilla plans with a night of rain, but we'll be christening it this weekend when a load of friends and family join us for a work-ation weekend.

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