Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rock Hall-of-Fame Revisited

We've broken new ground. Just East of the site where the century-old vegetable garden used to be, mirroring our freshly dug and planted bed #'s 8-17, we are turfing and double-digging. The soil is much friendlier down here. But you can't have it all... the rocks are back and determined to make our joints ache. Could there be an ancient stone wall or foundation down there? The 300-lb-at-a-minimum boulders we are taking out one after another are just too close for coincidence. We've even had to leave two behemoths in the ground because they are wider than our 4 foot bed width and wouldn't even budge for 3 strong men.

Dare I say, "That's okay." Is living with rocks easier on our bodies and morale than impenetrable soil?

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