Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frost seeding follow-up

That cold winter morning seems so long ago now... when Jason woke up early to sow his green manure seeds in our pastures while the ground was still frozen and the spring thaw had yet to set in.

Nearly two months later and we are on stage two of our frost seeding experiment. Now that our red and white clover are beginning to grow, we have to mow back the older, more established grasses so that the clovers can see the sun and prosper. We hitched on a 3-bushel bagger to our two-decade-old walk-behind lawn mower, adjusted the blades so they'd take down the now 3-foot high Timothy but spare the small stuff, and let the mower take off. Mowing about an acre takes less than an hour. We'll cut again in late June, so long as the weather works in our favor.

Now we've got green to add to our compost pile and a nice pasture to admire.

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