Our manifesto

There can be a way of living that is joyful, accepts comfortable and responsible limitations, provides enough for everyone, nourishes and protects health, gives as much as it takes, incorporates productive work that makes us want to get up in the morning, connects us to community and brings us into balance with our ecology.

To achieve our vision we have to change the way we live our lives. First, we will do this in our own lives by producing more of what we need, being a conscious consumer, throwing out less and fixing more, polluting less and recycling more, giving more, connecting more, thinking big-picture more, considering self-interest within a wider context, taking care of our family and community, being active, being less reliant on money, avoiding debt and credit and, above all, valuing happiness. Second, we will do this by working to make this way of living accessible for as many people as possible by choosing simple and affordable solutions, advocating, writing, speaking, teaching and connecting this all to a larger movement. We will do this by joining life with work and work with life.

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