Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The pigs have arrived

We've finally got our pigs.

Coming from Glynwood Farm, a local farm about 15 minutes north of us, they rather quickly made their way to their new home. This is their first experience living in the woods and the farmers who dropped them off told us they would love it. They are tucked nicely in the shade and have a fresh water supply and lots of food scraps to feast on: now all of the compost we've been collecting from our neighbors will be feeding our pigs instead of our compost heap.

Not sure if they'll stick, but the names Bo and Peep came to me as we were corralling them from the trailer to their electric-fenced in area.

Bo and Peep are happily lying in the mud pit I created for them this morning.


  1. how old are the piggies?

    1. They are already 10 weeks old, about 70 pounds.

  2. so its been a week. How are the pigs doing. They testing the electric fence for you?