Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recipe w/ corn + tomatoes

Corn and tomato savory pie (adapted from

OK, OK, so why am I publishing this recipe in May, when corn and tomatoes are still 3 months away? Because I used my frozen veggies... inspiration for everyone to stock up during peak season for a taste of summer even on a rainy spring day.

Ingredients: pie dough, tomatoes, corn, onions, herb (basil, oregano, thyme, etc.), shredded cheese (I used
cheddar), mayo, lemon juice, butter

Preparing: Make your pie dough - you'll need a top and bottom. Caramelize several onions (I used 6). Spread onions on the bottom pie crust. Then layer tomatoes (I used frozen-then-thawed roasted cherry tomatoes), corn (I used frozen-then-thawed kernels), herbs (I used oregano), salt and pepper, shredded cheese. Repeat the layering. Pour about 1/2 cup mayo whisked with juice from one juicy lemon over the filling. Put the top crust layer on, scoring for steam release. Brush with melted butter and bake at 400F for ~40 minutes, or until crust is perfectly browned.

Eating: Serve with a fresh salad. Can be eaten warm or room temp.

Dish history: I can finally make a good pie dough (thanks, Olga!). Plus, we are chipping away at our frozen vegetables during this spring hunger gap and today's humidity reminded me of a summer pie.

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