Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring's progress

Wow. What the first warm day of spring will do to you...

I spent today transplanting hundreds of leeks, sowing various radishes, watering in our recent kale, collards, spinach, onion, scallion and shallot transplants, and popping peas back in the ground that had surfaced after watering and wind. It was hot in the sun, but boy did it feel good after what seemed like an excessively long winter.

This photo of the farm shows off our greenhouse foundation wall, tool and wood shed and lots of beds prepped and planted (those that are tunneled off with plastic). We've got hundreds of tomato plants started and almost ready to move out to their holding beds. Peppers are up. Eggplants are up. And I'll be starting some basil, cilantro, dill, chervil and other herbs tomorrow and we'll be transplanting lettuce and chard. Oh, and our tree delivery will arrive any day... the orchard is coming along.
Seneca in her tent while we work in the orchard

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