Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 April Work-ation

Thank you from the bottom of our double-dug beds to all of our friends, family and neighbors who joined us on Saturday for our Spring Work-ation!

We spent the day yesterday taking in all of the amazing work that was accomplished in just a few short hours because of the time and energy you put in. I'm sure there are some sore muscles and maybe some farmer's tans/sunburns out there in the crowd, but I hope it was well worth it.

Can you believe what we accomplished together?!?... Thank you for:
- planting 1,000 onion plants
- edging and weeding 8 vegetable beds
- harvesting spinach and kale
- prepping 4 new beds for planting
- getting that huge boulder out of the pathway : )
- clearing tons and tons of rocks
- building a beautiful flower bed
- clearing the red pine field
- helping clean all the dishes after lunch
- helping cook in the kitchen while others were outside in the sun
- making the orchard look like a truly beautiful place
- digging 26 blueberry and 2 tree holes
- moving more tons of rocks
- building the fire pit
- shoveling gravel onto the greenhouse floor
- moving that chicken coop!
- consuming lots of food and beer together, and
- singing songs by the bonfire.

It is days like Saturday that remind us how awesome our friends, families and neighbors are. We love building this farm and community with you.

Enjoy some videos and photos...

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