Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A taste of our harvest

Longhaul Farm participated in the "Taste Our Local Harvest" event at the Westchester Country Club this year, showcasing our produce and cooking skills. Farmers were paired with local restaurants to create a "farm-to-table" experience for patrons, and in our case, we were both the farmers and the chefs (or, cooks, as I'd prefer to call myself). We cooked up a roasted pumpkin taco with all of the fixings... which was really just a vehicle to taste our homemade salsas: mild salsa verde, medium sriracha, and hot jalapeno sauce.

Crowd responses were positive, showing interest in our Supper Club, devouring our hot sauces, converting to pumpkin, and expressing amazement that we could do it all with a 7-month old in tow. We had very special help at the event - couldn't have done it without Jason's oldest niece, who womanned the tortilla-warming station and added super positive energy.

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