Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Work-ation / October-fiesta

The rain stayed away and our people came ready, willing and able. We had 70 visitors over the course of the day who got down-n-dirty with farm work. Thank you for all of your time, sweat, labor and friendship!

Together we accomplished: skimming and prepping 10 new vegetable beds... hauling 6 truck-loads of horse manure... mucking out 2 dump-trailer-loads of sheep manure... shoveling a trailer-load of (ripe) goat manure... collecting 2 truck-loads of wood chips... creating a huge compost pile...harvesting over 250 pounds of potatoes, 35 pounds of hot peppers, 20 pounds of tomatillos, 80 pounds of squash and pumpkin and 15 pounds of daikon radish... wheeling 120 wheelbarrows of manure and compost... prepping 40 beds for the winter... clearing brush for the pig pen... and burning a huge brush pile into a lovely pile of ash for the garden. This is work that would have taken the 2 of us weeks to accomplish. Not to mention our great cooking team who prepped 80 cups of tomato soup, 70 baked potatoes, 10 quarts of beef and pumpkin stew, 50 ears-of-corn-worth of creamed corn, a huge fresh salad and 50 whoopie pies for dessert.

It's good to get outside and work on those muscles, but it's even better to join a community in some teamwork and camaraderie. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come back for more in April 2013.

Thank you again... enjoy some shots from the day:

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