Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy oven

With all of the canning and preserving we see in our future, and temperatures in the 90s these peak harvest times, the thought of heating the kitchen up with pots of boiling water is quite unappealing. So we are thanking our lucky stars that a restaurant-grade 6-burner dual oven has landed in our garage.

A friend of ours was clearing out his storage space in Brooklyn the day before he was moving to Texas. We drove down, with our trailer hitched on, to meet him. In addition to some great catering gear, he offered us this amazing oven after the deal he had set up fell through.

So we loaded up the 900-lb beast, strapped her on, and took off down bumpy Atlantic Avenue. Five stops, a broken ratchet, a moving griddle pan, a breaking back leg and 4 hours later, we pulled into Longhaul.

Jason cleaned her spic-n-span and now we need to hook her up to our propane and rearrange the garage. And blanching our veggies and canning our preserves will be so much more pleasant now, especially with temperatures reaching 99 at the end of the week. Our next project: setting up the food storage room.

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  1. Awesome, you can feed the whole neighborhood with that thing. Commercial grade stovetops/ovens are a lot of fun.