Monday, April 25, 2011

Work-ation Weekend #2

Thank you again to our brave clan! We had a few repeat work-ationers and a crop of not-yet-aching bodies up for another weekend of farm work, food and singing by the fire. And although Mother Nature did not cooperate (yes, again), we just slipped on our galoshes and rain slickers and got dirty:

- Another double run to the Dam-Well-Done for organic muck: After one near-disaster of a trailer overboard, we've got a mountain of some fine soil to add to our beds.
- Another round of double-digging: This time we worked on our perennial beds. The team of hard workers prepped seven artichoke bush spots, an asparagus bed and some rhubarb holes. Oh, and they hauled a load of rocks and boulders out through sheer strength and team work.
- A full-day of mushrooming: In the morning rain we plugged 1,000 shiitake plugs, and then when the sky cleared up after lunch, we plugged another 1,000 lion's mane plugs.The silence of no drills around 4pm was a special one.

We hauled the 20 plugged mushroom logs up to their new home in the pine forest, joined by the digging team, an outdoor fire and some ice cold beverages to celebrate a hard day's work. It felt good to bond over food and drink again.

So the positive, generous energy that started over a week ago continued through the rainy weekend. And it seems as though it will continue. Who doesn't love a full belly and a little bit of muscle ache the next day?

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