Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Work-ation Weekend #1

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!...

...to our solid clan of friends, family and neighbors for braving the cold, damp, eventually rainy spring Saturday and helping us out on the farm. With your help, we injected 1000 plug spawn of pearl oyster mushrooms into heavy hardwood logs, strung up nearly 1000 feet of deer fencing around our field, double dug almost 400 sq. ft. of future vegetable beds, hauled 2 heavy trailer loads of black gold and fed 21 hungry bodies. It was amazing to see everyone working hard, enjoying each others company, making group decisions and eating three square meals together.

Longhaul Farm is a project that will take several years to complete. All of the activities we engage with are meant to last, to be permanent in our ecosystem. We are so excited to eat mushrooms next spring and remember all the drilling, whacking and waxing; to look at our deer fence in 8 years and remember the folks who put it up; and to watch the success of our vegetables in our now un-compacted soil with rich organic additions. It takes a special breed of people to work all week and then use up one of those precious weekend days on hard manual labor. It goes to show how much people care about food, their health, their friends.

We hope the kind of energy generated this past weekend lasts through the years and that people feel good about participating in our re-purposing project... and we especially hope we didn't scare anyone off with the tough work. It's going to take our village to build Longhaul.

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