Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rock Hall-of-Fame

We've rolled out the red carpet for what is sure to be an impressive Rock Hall-of-Fame, securing two prize-winners in as many days.

Our very first entrant starred in "Draining out the natural spring that seems to be emanating from our cold frame," based on a true story where two new farmers had big, bold plans to start numerous seed boxes outdoors by mid-March, only to have their dreams not only delayed, but cut in half. Mother Nature, her water table, and Rock #1 played a triumvirate which has yet to be conquered. Well, Rock #1 was taken down (i.e., out) and is now our first Rock Hall-of-Fame star.

Our second entrant is really a conglomerate of rocks, but we call her a collective Rock #2. As we broke ground on our first vegetable bed, we ran into a whole clan of rocks that have been hiding out, being pushed upward by the frosts, just waiting to be discovered by our shovels and aching joints. We threw the first 4 sq. ft's worth into a bin with hopes of bringing it to an appropriate piling spot. Boy, was she heavy.

Jason suggested we build our outdoor parrilla this fall with the rocks we dig out of our land. Sadly, our parrilla may be ready for construction after only our first bed is prepped. Grilled chorizo, anyone?

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