Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Your not-so-standard Super Bowl fare

So, it was an underwhelming Super Bowl game on Sunday.

But we spiced it up with some non-traditional tastes. Making room in our chest freezers for all of our delicious pork, we thawed out 40 chicken feet and one pig's tail. Think: "buffalo chicken feet" and "brined, braised, broiled tail."

It was a lot of work. Chicken feet: clean, clip off claws, boil for an hour, bake to dry out, deep fry and toss in buffalo chicken sauce. Tail: brine for 24 hours, braise for 3 hours, rest for 8 hours, broil for 30 minutes.

And it didn't taste all that great. But it was so worth the adventure (and the extra square foot of freezer space).

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