Monday, January 13, 2014

Please join our 2014 CSA community!

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? In CSA, a farm offers "shares" or memberships to the public. In return for your investment you receive a weekly box of freshly harvested produce throughout the growing season, typically from June to September/October.

What are your member options? We offer two membership options:

(1) Household share membership: Whatever is seasonal and harvestable, we’ll share with you. The weekly box should feed 2-3 vegetarian adults or a family of 3-4 with mixed diets and include a variety of 5-15 items, season and weather-permitting. Household share price: $700.
--> Split shares are also available. For a small farm with limited hands, a ‘split share’ will make harvesting more manageable.  You may split your share with a friend or neighbor. Or, if you’d like to split but don’t have anyone in mind yet to share with, we can do the pairing up for you. People often split shares in two ways: (1) every-other-week pick-ups; or (2) dividing weekly pick-ups with each other. Contact us for more information. Split-share price: $350.
(2) Community share membership: Receive a weekly household share of vegetables (see [1] above), plus anonymously subsidize shares for families who don’t have the means to become members themselves. Community share price: $1,350 ($700 for full share + $650 for subsidized share).

What kinds of vegetables will CSA members receive? Members will receive a variety of seasonal vegetables - here's a tentative list:
Late spring
Early fall
Brussels sprouts
Bok choy
Cherry tomatoes
Chinese cabbage
Broccoli raab
Collard greens
Mustard greens
Green beans
Tatsoi cabbage
Herbs (dill, sage, etc.)
Heirloom tomatoes
Sweet potatoes
Swiss chard

Peppers (hot and sweet)

Summer squash
Swiss chard
Tomatoes for canning
Winter squash

When and where are pick-ups? Pick-ups are on the farm on either Tuesday or Friday afternoons (4-6pm), your choice.

Will Longhaul Farm’s CSA be different from other CSAs? We follow a similar model of CSA as most local, organic farms. The main difference between our CSA and others is that our CSA will be small-scale, offering up to 30 memberships per season. That means we can provide more individual attention to you as members and collaborate on ideas for improving the current CSA model. We hope our smallness leads to more flexibility and a more satisfying season for both us and our members.

How you can become a member: Space is limited. Please contact us at or (845) 424-6277 to become a member. We offer two payment options: (1) full-pay: pay your membership fee by February 15, 2014 – this option gives us the most freedom as growers because we can rely on early resources throughout the season; or (2) pay in 2 installments: pay half of your membership by February 15, 2014 and the other half by June 1, 2014. If you would like to request additional payment options, just contact us and we will work something out.

Other ways you can participate in Longhaul Farm’s season:

(1) Buy Longhaul Farm naturally grown, pasture-raised meat and eggs:
  • Chicken: $6/lb - Reserve your chickens for $15 per bird
  • Turkey: $8/lb - Reserve your holiday turkey for $50 per bird
  • Pork: pricing depends on cut - Reserve your pork for $50 down
  • Eggs: $5/dozen - Available year-round
(2) Join us for our on-farm dining experience that is The Cottage Supper Club: enjoy a multiple course meal dictated by the season. Coming in spring... dates to follow.

(3) We will hold classes on food preserving, food preparation, food waste, gardening skills and other educational issues. There will be a fee for participation in the classes. We are looking forward to these small group gatherings where we can share ideas and learn a skill or two together. We will send out more information regarding 2014 classes in the coming months.

Supporting our neighbors with local, nutritious food and a spirit of community is an important part of Longhaul Farm’s mission that we look forward to fulfilling throughout the year. If you have any questions or would like to join, please be in touch: call us at (845)424-6277, email us at, or just do it the old fashioned way and drop by at 69 South Mountain Pass.

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  1. Hey, Jason. Met you and Seneca briefly at the park yesterday. Stopped by to snoop because I dig (ha ha) what you and your family are committed to doing. Will be great to keep an eye on your progress and hopefully get to know you guys in days to come. I have gone only so far as to block out a small black plastic rectangle on our own land, but my dreams of a lush, producing garden have long roots that (I hope) will flower and burst forth this season. Thanks for adding a spark to my inspiration.