Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 October Work-ation

We had beautiful fall weather for our October work weekend and I am still sneaking glances at our now beautiful garden, thinking, "wow, we got so much done!"

Thanks to all who came out to help on the farm. Together we hauled 8 truckloads of manure, sifted 85 cubic-feet of compost, prepped 30 beds for the winter, popped 18 pounds of garlic for next week's planting, scraped off the majority of our greenhouse frame and secured 30 bails of hay for mulching. Lots of other tasks throughout the day - like raking the manure,  harvesting the last of the peppers, eggplants and tomatillos, and washing all the dishes - did not go unnoticed! And it wouldn't have been a proper work-ation if we didn't haul at least one gigantic boulder out of a bed and add it to our bonfire collection.

Thanks for another good season and for coming together as a community of friends and neighbors to support Longhaul Farm. We couldn't do this all without you.

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