Thursday, February 2, 2012


For the past year we have used deer netting at the head of our driveway to keep deer and horses out of our farm space, a temporary and cumbersome fix since we had to open and close it every time we or anyone drove a car in or out. A few months ago, with hopes to build a permanent tranquera (a gate, Argentine-style), we set two foundation poles at the gateway into our pasture and cured several logs for the gates themselves. Vegetables, digging and rocks distracted us, and only now have we had the time to construct it.
Jason used his notching techniques to join our horizontal and vertical poles. We used cables for tension support on each gate (these things are heavy, and without support they'd start sinking into the ground). We stapled up deer fencing on the back of the gates to prevent any run-throughs. Hanging the gates was a task - really in patience and luck, having to align the three hinges perfectly while holding up these hefty doors. Now we just have to fashion a latch and string up some more deer-fencing along the sides. A grand entrance to Longhaul Farm...

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